About sf.org.nz

sf.org.nz is a free (but donations accepted) communal gathering area for information about activities in New Zealand relating to science fiction and fantasy.

Each participating convention, club, society or interest group gets a domain of the form name.sf.org.nz. Within their domain, a group can have pretty much whatever it wants, although it would be nice if addresses followed the pattern shown in the looking for someone section.

You might wonder why anyone would register a longer domain; there are (at least) two reasons:

  1. to show your affiliation;
  2. because it's free - there are no registration fees for 4th level domains.

If your group would like to have a site of the form name.sf.org.nz to use for e-mail and/or web access, check out the details of our offer.

The system hosting sf.org.nz is 50% funded by the maintainers of the domain, who do so out of the generosity of their own pockets - it does not rely on advertising revenue. The other 50% is from a few fee-paying sites that are also supported on the system.

This enables us to provide most basic services to non-commercial subdomains for free, including DNS name-service, a webserver, and mail forwarding; however the basic costs are high, so donations are appreciated. (These services can also be provided for other domains, but not entirely for free.)

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