Domain Delegation

Would you like to have a sitename of the form name.sf.org.nz to use for e-mail or web access? Read on...

When getting on the net, things can get expensive; if you want a third level domain (such as club.org.nz) it will cost you around $60-$80 per annum; what is being offered here is a 4th level domain, more or less for free (but see later), with the advantages that it doesn't require any extra hardware on your part, and it creates a uniform naming area for SF related activities.

With a recent upgrade to our connection, it is now possible to offer full hosting of web pages. However this is a very basic service, and you get what you pay for; certain features (like back-ups) are not included. Actually, since you're paying nothing, you're getting a lot more than what you're paying for, but I digress...

There are 3 alternatives for setting up your site:

  1. Full Domain
    You have to have your own machine operating to receive e-mail and www requests; we just provide the nameserver to point everyone at your machine. You can provide whatever services you like on the machine. If you're keen we will just point the nameserver at your machine too, you can manage the subdomains however you like then.
  2. Mail Domain
    Unlike the national domain registration, you can have either a fully delegated domain, or just an MX-only domain just for mail. An MX-only domain is the simplest to set up, but does not get you web pages.
  3. Single Mailbox Forwarding
    If you just want a few fixed e-mail addresses within a domain, such as <fanzine@club.sf.org.nz>, and provided that you won't be receiving heaps of traffic, then that can be arranged.

If if you would like to have a domain set up, or if you just have some questions, please e-mail us .

The whining pleading bit ...

The running costs are for this system are $2098.13 per annum (inclusive of GST); this comprises $73.13 per year to keep the domain sf.org.nz registered plus $168.75 per month for telehousing (although most of that is shared with other domains), but does not include hardware depreciation and replacement, or administration time. So we'd appreciate a small contribution towards these costs, but that's not a condition of access, even if you want us to do your web hosting.

(Donations will be accepted in kind - video tapes, books, or similar would be much appreciated.)

If you would like us to host a separate domain for you, that can be arranged, but you will have to pay the $73.13 annual DomaiNZ charges, or similar charges for registering in other top-level domains.

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Last updated on 30-Mar-2016 by Martin