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SF & Fantasy Association of NZ (SFFANZ)
The national group which provides continuity for the national conventions and the annual Sir Julius Vogels awards.
East Coast Australia Group (a Yahoo Group)
Run by Vanessa Jacobsen
Hawkes Bay Star Trek/Sci Fi Club (Hawkes Bay)
Videos, food, roleplaying, books and more...
History of the Imperium Working Group (Wellington)
Traveller Fan Group
Kiwi fans of Doctor Who (Dunedin)
Iss Isaac NCC71808 (Christchurch)
NZ Doctor Who Fan Club (Auckland & Hamilton).
New Zealand Role Playing Game Association
Nibelungen (Auckland).
Phoenix SF Society (Wellington)
General SF interest club.
NZ SF Writers' Association.
Stella Nova: SF/Fantasy Club (Auckland)
Models, Activities, Fiction and more.
Previously known as the SF Modellers' Club
Upper Hut SF Club (Upper Hut).
Victoria Uni SF Club (Wellington)
This information has been collected from a number of sources; thanks go especially to Tim Jones' online editions of WARP and Paul Thomas' original Clubs Page.
In order to facilitate sponsorship for conventions, Norman Cates is co-ordinating an on-going survey of SF fans in New Zealand.

One of the questions being asked is "what group(s) do you belong to?". The answers to this question will help to expand the details of clubs listed here.

If your group would like to be listed here, please e-mail us and we will be glad to add you.
Where a group does not have its own web page, a fill-in page has been provided; if your group actually does have its own web page somewhere, we would be only too happy not to have to maintain one here, so e-mail us and let us know where you would like the link to point.

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