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National New Zealand Science Fiction Conventions

Year Dates Name Location Notes

Upcoming Conventions

2017 2nd to 4th June (Queens Birthday) Lexicon Taupo Ratified 2015
2016 3rd to 5th June (Queens Birthday) Au Contraire 3 Wellington Ratified 2015

Past Conventions

2015 April 3rd to Monday April 6th (Easter) Reconnaissance Auckland  
2014 ANZAC Weekend
Thursday 24th April to Sunday 27th April
Conclave 2 Auckland Ratified 2013
2013 12th to 14th July Au Contraire 2 Wellington Ratified 2011
2012 Queen's Birthday Weekend
(1st June to 4th June)
UnCONventional Wellington Ratified 2011
2011 Queen's Birthday Weekend
(3rd to 6th June)
ConTeXT Auckland Selected 2010
2010 27th to 29th August
(weekend before AussieCon)
Au Contraire Wellington Ratified 2008
2009 Queen's Birthday weekend
(29th May to 1st June)
Conscription Auckland Ratified 2007
2008 Easter weekend
(21st to 24th March)
Conjunction Wellington Ratified 2006
2007 Queen's birthday weekend
(1st to 4th June)
Conspiracy 2 Wellington Ratified 2005
2006 Queen's birthday weekend
(2nd to 5th June)
Conclave Auckland Ratified 2004. Other contenders:
  • Wellicon
2005 Easter weekend
(25th to 28th March)
iCon Wellington Ratified 2003
2004 Easter weekend
(9th to 12th April)
ConTour Rotorua Proposed 2001; ratified 2002. Other contenders:
2003 Easter EmotiCon Auckland Ratified 2001. Other contenders:
2002 Queen's Birthday weekend
(31st May to 3rd June)
Con with the Wind Wellington Ratified 2000
2001 Easter Odyssey Con Auckland Ratified 1999
2000 Queen's Birthday weekend
(3rd to 5th June)
Con d'Or Wellington Ratified 1998
1999 Easter (2nd to 5th April) Conquest 2 Auckland Ratified 1997
1998 Queen's Birthday weekend
(29th May to 1st June)
Under Construction Wellington Ratified 1996
1997 Easter (27th to 31st March) Conspiracy Wellington Ratified 1995
1996 Constellation Christchurch: City Travelodge Ratified 1994

Robert Sheckley and Wes Takahasi as GoHs and James Dignan as FGoH

1995 Easter Conquest Auckland Ratified 1993
1994 Queen's Birthday (4th to 6th June) SiliCon Dunedin Ratified 1992
1993 Queen's Birthday (5th to 7th June) DefCon Wellington Ratified 1991 (first to be ratified 2 years ahead)
1992 Queen's Birthday (30th May to 1st June) ShakyCon Wellington Ratified 1991. Other contenders:
  • Discontinuity
1991 Queen's Birthday (31st May to 3rd June) ForryCon Wellington: Airport Hotel

GoH: Forry Ackerman, Tim Jones

Ratified 1990. Other contenders:
  • AbbyCon
1990 Queen's Birthday (1st to 4th June) ConVerge 2 Wellington: Airport Hotel

GoH: Tracy Torme, Richard Arnold, James Benson

Ratified 1989. Other contenders:
  • KiwiCon
1989 Queen's Birthday (2nd to 5th June) Satyricon Dunedin: Alglen Motor Hotel GoH: David Brin, Alex Heatley
1988 Queen's Birthday (3rd to 6th June) Confusion Christchurch: State Trinity Theatre GoH: Bjo Trimble, Margaret Mahy, Lana Brown
1987 Easter Windycon 87 Wellington: St George Hotel GoH: Joe Halderman
1986 Queen's Birthday (2nd to 4th June) Halleycon Dunedin: Southern Cross Hotel GoH: Craig Harrison, Frank Macskasy
1985 5th to 8th April Orcon Auckland: Downtown Travel Lodge
1984 Queen's Birthday (1st to 4th June) Norcon II Auckland: Hotel Royal International GoH: Sandi Hall, David Harvey
1983 Queen's Birthday (3th to 6th June) Windycon Wellington: Waterloo Hotel GoH: Harlan Ellison
1982 Queen's Birthday (4th to 7th June) Octacon Dunedin: Otago University Clubs and Societies Building.
(Previously noted as being at The Town House; correction by Tom Cardy)
GoH: David Harvey & Frank Macskasy
(John Foyster was invited but did not attend)
1981 Queens Birthday (30th May to 1st June) Norcon Auckland: Maidment Theatre, Auckland University GoH: Capt A Bertram Chandler
1980 Queens Birthday Weekend (31st May to 2nd June) Wellcon B Wellington. Hotel St George GoH: Merv Binns
1979 Labour Weekend (19th to 22nd October) Wellcon Wellington. Hotel St George (The first NZ NatCon)

Regional New Zealand Science Fiction Conventions

2014 September SANCon Kirkwood Village, University of Canterbury

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The Con Artistes are always trying to get support for their convention bids, but so far they have not been successful. Contact for more information.

Exchange Schemes


FFANZ is the Fan Fund for Australia and New Zealand, which each year assists a Science Fiction fan to cross the Tasman Sea to attend a national SF convention: a NZ fan to an Australian NatCon & an Australian fan to a NZ NatCon in alternating years.

Only donors are eligible to vote for a recipient.

The current FFANZ administrator is Linnette Horne. See the FFANZ website for details.


DUFF is the Down Under Fan Fund, which each year assists a Science Fiction fan to cross the Pacific to attend a national SF convention: a NZ or Australian fan to a North American NatCon & a North American fan to an Australian or NZ NatCon in alternating years.

Commercial Expos

Year Dates Name Location
(annually) Armageddon has been running since 2000. Auckland & Wellington

(Please let us know if you know of any others.)

Conventions in Australia

Year Dates Name Location

Upcoming Conventions

2007 Easter 5th to 9th April Swancon 32 (The 32th annual West Australian SF convention) Perth
2007 28th September to 1st October ConFlux 4

Guests of Honour: Graham Joyce, Garth Nix, Simon Brown, Kaaron Warren and Donna Maree Hanson.


Conventions in Other Countries

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